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Lost Hat Co. Goat Rope Mossy Oak Greenleaf USD $18.00 USD Sold out Shipping calculated at checkout. FREE SHIPPING OVER $50 Quantity Bruhhh those went quick! Sorry about the stock out. Here's what's coming: 2,800ish at the end of August '22. PLUS another 5,000ish behind that arriving late October. We believe you deserve to know this stuff. Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Mossy Oak Greenleaf 12 Gauge 3in Semi Automatic Shotgun - 18.5in - 940 Pro Turkey shotguns come optic-ready, with receiver cuts that accept low-profile direct mounting of Shield RMSc-pattern micro dot sights, for improved eye alignment and target acquisition (a cover plate is included for when optic is not in use). Inside, you will find a durable gas system that allows ....

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